No words are funnier or more touching than those of our own children as they discover the world around them. While we're convinced they'll never be forgotten...they usually are.

Now, parents - and grandparents - can create a keepsake to be enjoyed by family members throughout the years. The World According To provides a special place for those sweet, sometimes silly, sometimes brilliant 'gems' to be recorded. To add to the fun and encourage family interaction, a variety of questions are provided throughout the book that will 'prompt' even more wit and wisdom.

Available in assorted frame colors, this book will truly become your child's 'very own.'

  • Question Pages throughout the
    book will prompt even more wit
    and wisdom.
  • "My Dictionary" Every child
    has his or her "own" vocabulary.
    Here's a special place to record
    those words and their origins.

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4733 Hawk Hollow Drive - E, Bath, MI 48808
888-484-1997 ~

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